Petal Pixels

The following images were taken with my 2 megapixel Sony DSC-S50 camera.

Flower_08.JPG Flower_13.JPG Flower_14.JPG Flower_04.JPG Flower_10.JPG Flower_09.JPG Flower_01.JPG Flower_19.JPG Flower_07.JPG Flower_12.JPG Flower_20.JPG Flower_15.JPG Flower_02.JPG Flower_03.JPG Flower_06.JPG Flower_16.JPG Flower_18.JPG

Indoor Portraits

These indoor images are the result of using a black background and multiple light sources. Take a look at the two Christmas Cactus flower images.

Flower_22.JPG Flower_23.jpg

Image Compression

Flower_21.JPG I reduced all images from a resolution of 1600x1200 for quicker viewing. A few were uncompressed TIFF images resaved as compressed JPEG, again for quicker viewing.

One benefit of using a solid background is better compression. I cleanup the image by replacing the background's 'mostly black' pixels with black pixels. This results in higher compression. The file size for a regular 1024x768 JPEG image is 100K. The same flower image with a solid background color is 45K.

Infrared Images

Flower_24.JPG Flower_99.JPG I came across an interesting internet item recently, which you may not know. Some older digital cameras can see infrared! A simple check is to shine a TV remote into the lens. I was excited to discover that my camera can see infrared. After buying an IR filter, here are some results. This is how I setup my camera to shoot IR.

TIFF image

WARNING: Large filesize 3.8 MB, 1200 x 1600. Infrared TIFF image downloaded from the camera and rotated 90 degrees, no editting.

Video Clip, 15 seconds

Mpeg movie

MPEG movie filesize 1.3 megabyte. My kids and friends in a snowtube train. The professional stunt team is composed of Hannah, Derek, Samantha, and Jack. The fearless cameraman Mike was taking the video with the DSC-S50 camera, while riding in another snowtube.


When a digital camera creates an image, it can also record some additional info. This information about the camera settings can be used by photo printers. The industry standard is EXIF, exchangeable image file format. View EXIF data from a sample image. Although my camera uses EXIF version 2.1, the current version is 2.2

Along with the camera settings, there may also be a thumbnail(small version) of the image. View the thumbnail inside a sample image.


Flower_11.JPG Flower_05.JPG Thanks for visiting. Share your thoughts and ideas.